Leads and Social Media - Gaining Competitive Advantage

With all the choices available for Leads and Social Media, Dealers need to spend wisely to gain the competitive advantage for quality leads and growing your dealership traffic. Autodeals can help you navigate the choices and prioritize your spending. From advertising to inventory marketing, we send your inventory to where it needs to go automatically. Marketing your inventory with Facebook Marketplace, Google, Craigslist and the multitude of vehicle classified web sites has never been easier.

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Dealer Web sites - Driving Customer Traffic

Autodeals can help you drive Customer traffic to your website by offering three tiers of responsive websites. Choose from over 40 templates or get a custom developed site, and we can have your business receiving leads and credit applications within hours. Mobile friendly, our web sites offer customers a simple interface that establishes your dealership instant credibility.

To view a sample of our templates, select Dealer Websites. Or ask a representative to show you our many website and internet marketplace Ad options.

We offer more website options at the best prices!

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Business Development Center - Turn Leads into Customers for Life

Turning leads into life time customers requires commitment and follow-up. Our business development center makes it easy for sales and management to add, track, follow-up, email, text, prioritize and manage all phases of the customer lifecycle.

From new lead to sold customer, an effective contact management system can make your business profitable in good and bad times.

How do you track your sales funnel today? Let Autodeals show you just how easy that can be to make sure every lead is followed-up.

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Desking Deals - Simplified Excellence

Autodeals provides an elegant, fully mobile, desking deal interface that makes finance, bhph, leasing, and cash deals simple. One click to modify any aspect of a deal and add aftermarket products, trade-ins, downpayments, sales commissions and more. Use our Finance Wheel and align the right callback with the right customer with the right vehicle. Maximize your profits per deal with an easy multi-worksheet environment that has flexibility, speed, and advanced finance features. Use our library of Reynolds Law Contracts, federal, state, and legal forms to complete deals quickly and legally protect your business. Ask for a demonstration of how fast and effective your dealership can be using our deal management system.

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Forms Library & Title Imaging - Protecting your Business

Autodeals includes the most complete Forms Library to protect your business and assure you meet all the federal, state, and regulatory requirements for doing business. Reynolds Law Contracts are available for all 50 states. Federal, and State forms are all added and ready for your usage. Lender & Bank forms are added to make it easy to complete a full customer package with professional excellence. Any new PDF forms including your own company forms can be added with a simple help desk request. See how Autodeals can help your business with our powerful Forms Library and Document Imaging system.

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BHPH Portfolios & Collections - Organized Record Keeping

Maintaining your customer records and tracking collections can be a difficult aspect of your business, until you start using Autodeals. Our full featured BHPH software allows you to quickly see payments due, side loans due, expired insurance, and the full status of your portfolios. You can track deferred down payments, service repairs, loans, and leases (You Name It!) with our easy to manage software. Contact management is integrated with the software so you can track customer transactions and commitments. Automated texting, emails and alerts are available to keep your customer updated on their due dates. Legal forms, payment notices, or your own company forms are available to help you manage your collections. All of these features are built around a streamlined collection process so your individual agent or your entire team can be successful collecting your money.

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Inventory Management - Running your Dealership with Operational Excellence

Manage your inventory for your dealership and internet marketing in one place. Use our valuation tools to price your inventory and maximize your profits. Pull your vehicle history reports and NADA valuations directly from our dealer software. Track your vehicle expenses, floor plans, and service work all from one integrated system. Find out how our inventory management can help protect your dealership, reduce your costs, and run your operations smoother.

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Service Center - Driving More Profits and Improving Quality

Autodeals dealer software includes a full service center to manage your reconditioning and customer service work. Our software can help your dealership drive more service revenue and improve your bottom line.

The Service Center allows you to issue professional Estimates, Service Orders, Work Orders, and Invoices within minutes of using our system. Your team can manage reconditioning for all vehicles and easily track service expenses. The Autodeals Service Center is fully customizable, runs on all mobile devices, and will help you run and grow your business.

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Hawk Valuation Tool - The First Auction Tool with Artificial Intelligence(AI)

Improve your buying and increase your profits by using the first Valuation Tool with Artificial Intelligence(AI). The Hawk will automatically calculate your starting and stop bids based upon your direction. The Hawk run list will automatically highlight vehicles based upon your buying profile. Never over pay again, since the Autodeals tool includes NADA Valuations with your DMS. Multiple buyers can team buy at the same time, and it is a great help with Online buying. See what AI can do for you with the Hawk Valuation Tool.

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Accounting - Integrated, Multi-Location Accounting System

Autodeals provides a robust, fully mobile, accounting system that can automate eighty (80%) percent of your accounting transactions. Create additional users and let your accountants and bookkeepers access your system securely to save you time and keep your dealership records up to date. Use our default or your custom chart of accounts. Multi-location P&Ls tracking is available for larger dealerships. Eliminate extra software, and reduce accounting costs. No more confusing and inaccurate accounting synchs or exports to third party accounting systems. Additional resources and training are available to make your accounting system move. Ask for a demonstration of how your dealership can improve by using our cloud based, integrated accounting system.

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Payment Systems - Saving Time & Making Money

Choose from our fully integrated payment system or add your current payment provider to Autodeals. Autodeals offers both comprehensive and custom payment solutions with our dealer software to make collecting payments and saving time easy. We offer a variety of services and capabilities that make collecting your customer payments secure. Ask us how we can solve all your payment collection needs!

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Compliance & EVR - Making Regulatory Compliance an Asset to your Business

Autodeals believes regulatory compliance serves the purpose of protecting your business and customers from malevolent actors in the environment. Autodeals makes regulatory compliance an asset to your dealership helping you gain competitive advantage, and reducing your business costs. Autodeals offers our services meeting or exceeding the breadth of regulatory requirements for your dealership at no extra cost including OFAC, Truth in Lending, GLBA, Disposal Rule, ECOA, Red Flags Rule, Form8300, OSHA 29, RegZ, State DMV/EVR/ELT and much more. See how Autodeals can make your dealership thrive, and give you confidence in how your business operates. Ask for a demonstration today!

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