Pricing Options for Autodeals Software as a Service

Bundled Software Pricing – Maximize your new capabilities, and build your business leveraging a Bundled software solution. Start your new retailing experience with modern tools and new thinking. Discounts available for two or more solutions. Some software has bundled pre-requisites. Software available monthly, annually, and in longer term contracts.

Software as a Service – Choose from one or more services for your business. Start with one to try our solution on a month to month basis and add capabilities as your business grows. Autodeals allows you to grow and expand into our software and your business. Our unique services enable you to align your specific business needs today, with our solutions.

Installation & Training – Autodeals offers your organization many options for installation & training. Online videos, remote Zoom training, and onsite Training are all avaiable with Autodeals. Individual or Train the Trainer methods can be used for bringing your staff up to speed. We offer flexible solutions to meet the needs of your organization.

Data Migrations – For existing dealers, the challenge of keeping your data many times is the reason why owners satisfice and refuse to change. Autodeals understands these concerns and has developed tools and methods to enable you to keep your data, and start a new chapter of your business. Choosing Autodeals will give you the confidence to take your business forward.