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02/07/2021 Tax and Fees Enhancement for multi-state Dealers

When adding a deal, the software will automatically. calculate the taxes and fees from the state of the buyer. This will save you time from having to change them manually when the buyer state differs from the salesbranch.

02/07/2021 Payment Plan Enhancement for multi-state Dealers

For dealers leveraging the Messaging CRM and the Payment Plan Sharing capabilities, the payment plans will automatically calculate the taxes and fees from the state of the buyer. This will make your payment plan estimates more accurate for Customers.

02/03/2021 New Field added to Vehicles - Interior Type

A new field for Vehicles has been added under the Vehicle Info view called Interior Type. This field is to identify items like Leather or other notable elements of vehicle interior.

01/29/2021 Law Contracts Updated

Reynolds & Reynolds LAW contracts have been updated for Arkansas, Montana, and Washington states.

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About Autodeals

Autodeals, Inc. is a cloud based dealer management solution provider. Our solutions help Used Car Dealers build and manage their sales, finance, accounting, inventory, collections, and service business with operationally excellent software. From internet lead generation to service after the sale, only Autodeals Dealer Management system provides the most complete solution for your dealership.

The primary software includes complete inventory management, forms management, BHPH, Payment Solutions, regulatory compliance, vehicle valuations, vehicle history reports, vehicle specifications, credit reporting, Reynolds & Reynolds Law Contracts and more . Autodeals is available in fifty states.